I’m thrilled to share my heirloom jewelry creations with you! My ultimate goal for each piece of jewelry is to infuse intention into everyday moments. To create heirlooms that carry deep meaning for you AND that you can wear every single day. The core tenet of Moulton Heirlooms is simple, minimal, meaningful jewelry meant for everyday wear. To create true heirlooms, meant to be worn everyday (and passed on someday). 

I believe that choosing a jeweler to work with is a really big deal. I know that commissioning an heirloom ring or investing in an heirloom necklace is an investment of resources and trust. Knowing this, I’d like to take a minute and outline my promise to every client I work with.

I promise to:
• Create beautifully simple, minimal jewelry to mark an occasion
• Collaborate with you to incorporate meaningful details into your design
• Design and engineer a piece that is part of your daily ritual, built for daily use, and passed on for 
generations to come
• Take the necessary time to marinate on ideas and formulate a design that is the best expression of 
your wishlist and my skill set
• Channel and instill my heritage of engineering, heirloom goods, and connection-based business 
into our project
Educate you about the jewelry industry, invest time to discuss and nalize design, and answer any and all questions that arise

Thank you for considering me to create this special object for you. I’d love to work together whenever you’re ready.

My very best,